trailer-acquaintance with the new hero of Apex Legends, which was the reworked Revenant

trailer-acquaintance with the new hero of Apex Legends, which was the reworked Revenant

Rumors about this change have been circulating in fan circles for a long time. Poor Loba.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has partnered with Electronic Arts to release the second installment of the Killing Code animated short, set in the Apex Legends universe. The video is also interesting in that it not only unveiled the title of the new season (“Resurrection”), but also introduced the reworked hero Revenant.

“Crypto hacks into an abandoned Revenant fragment and discovers frightening changes. The revenant is less and less able to control himself… Who controls him.”, reads the official description for the video. Actually, the reworked version of the Assault class hero Revenant will be the main novelty of the new season.

Revenant, as it becomes clear from the video, received a new look. Moreover, the skills of this character are also completely new. The developers have stated that the character will be open to every player throughout the season. For completing certain tasks before the end of the season, you will be able to open the appearance of the Revenant permanently.

Back in Season of the Resurrection, gamers will be able to try out two of the modes from the Collection (Gun Race and Team Deathmatch) on the Shattered Moon map. Also, according to tradition, a new rating season and a battle pass will be presented by the start of the season. I would like to believe that problems with the rating regime will remain in the past – that is, they will go away with Arsenal.

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The developers from Respawn Entertainment have promised to publish the gameplay trailer for “Resurrection” on August 3rd, and the season itself starts on August 8th.


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