Traffic police officers fired at a drunk driver and got on the video: Incidents: Russia:

In the Tver region, a drunk driver tried to hide from police officers after they wanted to stop him on the road. The man picked up speed and began to swerve along the road, as well as drive into the oncoming lane and the side of the road. Video footage of the organized chase published Russian MIA Administration for the Tver Region.

After repeated demands from the traffic police to stop and a warning shot in the air, the police had to fire at the rear wheels of the Nissan, as a result of which the offender was arrested. No one was hurt as a result of the chase and shooting.

“The detainee was a 58-year-old resident of the town of Bologoye. The driver was sent for a medical examination, according to the results of which it was established that the man was intoxicated. The car was placed in a paid parking lot, and its owner was taken to the police department, ”the message says.

Earlier in the Volgograd region, a man on a makeshift convertible arranged a GTA check-in, tried to get away from the police and bribe an employee. It turned out that his driver’s license expired in 2018, and the car was using fake license plates. The man refused all types of examination.

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