Traffic in Valencia | The A-7, collapsed with a jam of almost 10 kilometers

Traffic jam on the A-7. / DGT

The Pista de Ademuz also registers a collapse of 6.5 kilometers


The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) is notifying, one more day, various traffic jams on the morning of this Tuesday on the entry and exit roads to Valencia. Specifically, the A-7 is being the focus of up to 5 traffic jams, the most important being 5 kilometers between San Isidro de Benagéber and Godella. An accident has caused another retention of 4 kilometers between the urbanization Lladró and San Isidro de Benagéber.

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On the other hand, on the V-30 there are 3 kilometers of retentions between Valencia and Mislata and in the increasing direction of the mileage. On the Pista de Ademuz there is another important congestion of 6.5 kilometers between Conarda and Cruz de Gracia, in the decreasing direction of the mileage. In total, there are more than 40 kilometers of queues in the city.

On the Pista de Silla, 3.5 kilometers of traffic jam are added between Alfafar and Horno de Alcedo, in the increasing direction of traffic, while on the V-21 three more kilometers between Meliana and Alboraya.


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