Toulouse: the TOEC-TOAC-FCT in a gala dress

the essential
The Toulousains welcome a formidable team from Nîmes. A gala match where it will undoubtedly be necessary to take out the warming blue.

> Saint-Sulpice – Valence – d’Agen, tomorrow at 3.30pm: Based on the principle that some defeats are constructive, Victor Labat quickly found the words last Sunday to comfort his proteges and those of Olivier Argentin, beaten in the den of the Nîmes ogre: “The paradox is that we have less well played in the second half with the wind than with the support of it at the start where, between conservation, ruck and closed scrums, we gave the leader a hard time. “

Reassuring and even optimistic, therefore, the technician who affirms: “We do not present a profile as massive as the one described but we will grow all the same, losing in such weather conditions and facing such an opponent does nothing penalizing. ” Bousquet (ex- Montauban, ex- Revel) and Teriou are missing, as is Chapon on the Valencian side.

> TOEC-TOAC-FCT – Nîmes, tomorrow at 3.45 p.m .: Ignore the festive side, stay focused. This is the objective of a Toulouse group which has obtained a wild card by winning at Mazamet last Sunday and does not intend to see said capital volatilize. “It will not be easy, Nîmes has gained confidence, a performance requires great moral and physical strength,” warns Damien Toyas, obviously impressed by the leader’s clear course. It is true that as a reminder, the Gardois were the only ones to bring Graulhet to one knee, the surprising runner-up of a hen where each qualifying sesame will be worth its weight in gold. In the presence of young people or their elders, Toulouse residents will have to surpass themselves, knowing that neither Hernandez nor Fourthiès are fit for service.

> Castanet – Marmande, tomorrow at 3 p.m .: “instead of ours in the standings, we only look upwards, without any pressure, but simply by telling ourselves that there is a shot to play and points to be taken in each game.” Pragmatic and above all, not at all discouraged, Nicolas Martins. Like all the followers of the Castanian Future beaten last Sunday on the side of Valence-d’Agen without being able to display his best arguments, the former flanker of Tournefeuille hopes for a weather this time more conducive to the deployment of an alert game : “We do not have the physical density of the Marmandais but we have other weapons”, continues the one who will be found alongside Thomas Bethfort and Hugo Capelli. Boy, Guerin, Pienkowski and Moralès are still not recovered.


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