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Touba: Aborted burial of an alleged homosexual in the Bakhiya cemetery

by drbyos

In Touba, the burial of an alleged homosexual failed at the Bakhiya cemetery, this Sunday, October 17. It is the “dahira Moukhadimatul Hidma”, which is fiercely opposed to it, the remains ultimately rejected.

Indeed, the said “dahira” had received information relating to an attempted burial of a young man who would be a member of the homosexual community. Thus a device was placed at the entrance of Touba more precisely at the exit. from the Ila Touba highway to wait for the remains from Dakar aboard a vehicle (7 seats), Seneweb informs.

Identified and immobilized upon the arrival of KM’s body, the members of Moukhadimatoul hidma questioned the father of the victim on the charges brought against the said deceased. But, the latter clearly stated that he cannot confirm or deny that his son belonged to the homosexual community. According to him, he had not heard from KM for several years.

Those in charge of the “dahira”, who had received information according to which some accuse the disappeared of being a homosexual, thus decided to turn away the remains. Escorted by the elements of said “dahira” in charge of the management of places of worship in Touba, the vehicle carrying the remains took the way back.

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