Toto scolds Azis and Alex in “The Masked Singer”

Another mask surprised the panel in “The Masked Singer”. Toto from “SkandaU” managed to slip all four detectives and jumped out under the mask of the Stone. The hip-hop artist did a brilliant job with Genesis’ “I Can’t Dance” and hid everyone’s hat.

It turned out that even the presenter Krasi Radkov, who is close to the family of Yonislav Yotov, does not suspect at all that the former football player and athlete, who left the sport due to a severe injury, is hiding in the suit.

From the evidence it became clear that Toto is a child of divorced parents – his father is a cook, and his mother is still his manager. The woman in his life is a ballerina in “Rachkov’s Forbidden Show”.

While the debates were going on and everyone was in total surprise, Alex Raeva exclaimed: “I told Azis that it was Toto, and he told me that I was talking nonsense!”. The king of pop folk remained silent before Yotov and the accusation of his colleague.


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