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Top orders – Horner model on a wave of success

by drbyos

Quendresa Bulliqi is on the wave of success. The Hornerin really started as a model last year (the NÖN reported). Even if the corona pandemic put a few stumbling blocks in her way, her career has continued to climb steeply in recent months. In the meantime Quendresa Bulliqi has become a small regional celebrity.

Makes a good figure in every pose: Qendresa Bulliqi from Horn.

Roman Groesswang

Almost every day in the modeling stress for C&A, Takko, Intersport, Fussl and Co. She is more than satisfied despite the difficult time for starting her modeling career.

“My agency 1st Place Models has made a lot of effort over the past year and organized a lot of orders,” she says. In total, these were indeed less than possible in normal times, but since spring it has been steadily increasing. “I’m really happy about that, because I’ve already missed modeling longingly,” reveals the model.

She is now out and about almost every week for castings, shootings and the like. Her personal highlights of the past months were fashion shows for C&A, Takko Fashion and Cecil. She was also seen on the catwalk for labels such as Intersport, Fussl Modestraße and Bonita. Her participation in the “Vagary Show”, a video fashion show without a live audience for designer Nadine Matt, was also special. “It was a very special experience. But there is still something else on the catwalk with a live audience, ”says Bulliqi. A bit of nervousness is also part of it, despite the routine that has now been established.

Plan B: “part-time job” as a dental assistant

In addition to her modeling career, the native Kosovar works as a dental assistant. She cannot make a living from modeling alone. In any case, she is of the opinion that you need a plan B in life. “The job gives me security, at least until I maybe get started internationally at some point,” emphasizes Bulliqi. Should the great success come, one can always weigh the priorities.

For the time being, however, the division will remain in two. “I always say, I’m a dental assistant from Monday to Friday and I’m a model at the weekend.” Currently she is in Vienna almost every weekend due to the good order situation. Most of their shootings take place there. In the future, however, it should also go abroad. This plan was clear from the start. However, Corona also thwarted the bill here. “We were already talking about orders in Asia last year, but then of course we couldn’t fly,” says Bulliqi.

International career is emerging

In the meantime, however, there is news on this front as well. “Something international is being planned again. I even had a casting for it. ”Together with the renowned model manager Dominik Wachta, the leap onto the international stage should also be successful. The agency boss of “1st Place Models” has been working in the fashion industry for 22 years and brings the necessary contacts with him. For him and the agency, Bulliqi only has hymns of praise: “For me, our agency is simply more than an agency, it’s a real family.”

The agency remains quite exclusive with a group of only 18 models. With this concept, according to Wachta, you can really give every model the necessary attention. “In the end, of course, there is also a difference whether in a crisis the jobs are split up between 300 models, as with large agencies, or with a high-quality team of 18 models, as with 1st Place Models,” says Wachta.

All doors will remain open for Quendresa Bulliqi in the future. After the latest auditions, she could soon be seen for the Hofer supermarket chain or the Formital company.


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