Top 14 – Karl Chateau leaves USAP this weekend for Colomiers (Pro D2)

The third line of the USAP will join Colomiers (Pro D2) as a medical joker.

It is Mathieu Acébès, the captain of the USAP, who made the announcement at the microphone of the stadium a few seconds after the outcome of the match against Clermont won in the last seconds (26-24): Karl Chateau will join Colomiers (Pro D2) from this weekend as a medical joker.

The third line of the USAP was carried in triumph by his teammates so that he received the deserved honors of the Catalan public.

Karl Chateau (29) arrived in 2013 at USAP where he experienced everything, the descent in Pro D2 then the double ascent in Top 14 with two Pro D2 titles in the process. He will have played 184 matches with the Catalan club where he will have scored 27 tries.


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