“Today, the sacrificed generation makes itself heard”

“Today, the sacrificed generation makes itself heard”

In Paris, employees of the air sector testify: “It is an unfair and unrealistic reform to have a full career! »

The last time Sandrine demonstrated, she had ” 20 years. It was against the Devaquet laws, in 86! “. Today she is 53 and the« injustice » of this reform decided this stewardess at Easy Jet to go back down to the streets. “It’s two more years to work, with still no consideration of the arduousness, explains his colleague, Coline, alongside him. The trolley on the plane is almost 80 kilos to pull! And with takeoffs and landings, the body takes a hit. »

They weren’t there on January 19, living too far away to come. “But this time, the union chartered a bus from Roissy”, rejoice these two activists of the SNPNC. Proof that the crowds in the processions does not depend only on the motivation of the demonstrators, but also on practical questions which are largely based on the unions’ ability to anticipate and organize.

Emerging behind them, Eric, 46, steward at Air France, much more irritated: “It is an unfair and unrealistic reform to have a full career! So we understood the principle: push us to leave before, so as not to have our pensions at full rate. Let the bosses give up their retirement hats! Let the parliamentarians renounce their golden regime! That we ask retirees to rework two years! We have already made a lot of effort for them over the past three years”.

And suddenly, it’s as if all the bitterness accumulated since 2020 rebounds: “During the Covid-19 crisis, to protect retirees, we were put on partial unemployment! I lost 30% of my salary, so 30% of contributions. But the government only acts for that generation, which is its electorate. Well today, the sacrificed generation makes itself heard! »

Aline Leclerc


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