“Today I screwed up”: Chimy Ávila apologizes for wearing a shirt with a phrase by Santiago Abascal | sports

Huge controversy on social networks following a photo published by the Osasuna striker Ezequiel Avila. El Chimy, as he is known in the world of football, has published an image in which he is seen wearing a shirt that includes a slogan of Santiago Abascal, the leader of VOX.

“Fear is a reaction; courage, a decision,” says the shirt worn by the Osasunista forward, which shows the image of Santiago Abascal in profile smoking a cigar. Throughout the afternoon, the debate about the shirt has been installed on social networks, making the Chimy a trend on Twitter.

Debate and apology

VOX supporters praised the player for publicly carrying that message, while many fans of Osasuna they have been reproached for it. Hours later, Ávila has published a message on Instagran in which he clarifies the situation: “Today I screwed up by uploading a photo to my networks with a shirt that has offended many people. I’m sorry.”

His message continued to assure that the t-shirt had been “a gift” that they made him with a phrase with which he identifies a lot. “I did not think it could have all the implications that it has had for some people,” he added.

Chimy concludes his message by assuring that he does not know anything about politics or is interested. “My only passions are football and my family. It was not my intention to offend and I apologize,” he adds.


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