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With iOS 15, due out this fall, you’ll be able to share your healthcare data with others. If you share it with your family members who live apart, you can check your daily health status and discover abnormalities in case of emergency.

Since this article uses the iOS 15 public beta version, the screens and procedures may differ from those released as the official version.

Shared data can be set in detail

First, I will explain the sharing procedure. After launching Healthcare, open the Sharing tab and select Share with others. Search for users in “Contacts” and set them as sharing destinations. Next, check the items to be shared. It’s easy to choose the items that the app suggests, but you can also set them yourself.

iPhone Tips
▲ Open the “Share” screen in Healthcare and tap “Share with others” (left). Select the sharing destination (middle). Then set the items to be shared (right)
iPhone Tips
▲ Tap the item to be shared from each topic to select it, and tap “Next” (left / middle). After selection, a sharing participation request is sent to the other party. Tap “Done” (right)

When the party receiving the sharing request opens “Sharing” in the healthcare app, the item “Sharing to you” is displayed. Tap View, then tap Approve. After approval, you can see each data of the person’s health care.

iPhone Tips
▲ On the “Share” screen of healthcare, tap “View” of “Sharing to you” (left). Check the contents and tap “Approve” (middle). After approval, you will be able to see each data (right)

You can change the data to be shared at any time. In the sharing source healthcare app, go to “Share” → “My name” to display each topic. Tap to turn on / off sharing of each data.

iPhone Tips
▲ Tap the user name on the “Share” screen of the healthcare app (left). Tap the topic you want to change (middle). Tap each item to turn it on, and it will be newly shared (right)

* The screen of the public beta version iOS 15 is posted with special permission based on the interview.

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