To see in Fougères: the Blob, a real link between nature and science

A certificate was awarded to the students of STAV and to the two teachers for their active participation in this educational experience of “Elevetonblob” ©La Chronique Républicaine

The websites of Notre-Dame des Marais and Edmond-Michelet of the Jean-Baptiste Le Taillandier high school from Fougères present a common exhibition. Entitled Science and Nature, it takes place in Halles Biomonde de Fougères, 5 boulevard Saint-Germain until January 24th.

The opportunity to highlight the work of students in 1st and Term of the Science and Technology of Agronomy and Life sector of Notre-Dame des Marais and secondary school students in Nature and Garden, landscaping of Edmond Michelet.

Since September 2021, as part of Thomas Pesquet’s space mission to the ISS, 35 STAV 1st and final high school students and 25 Bac Pro students from Edmond Michelet high school in the NJPF sector have been raising a Blob, otherwise known as physarum polycephalum. They were able to carry out scientific experiments on this cellular organism without a brain but capable of feeding, moving and not dying.


High school students from the Michelet site have set up the nature trail with their teachers Jordan Hubert and Fabien Prugné
High school students from the Michelet site have set up the nature trail with their teacher Jordan Hubert. ©The Republican Chronicle

To carry out the same experiments as Thomas Pesquet in the ISS and follow CNES protocols, the students set up filming devices in order to exploit the images obtained and thus present their results (videos visible from QRcode ). The students also recreated the natural living conditions of the Blob in a vivarium exhibited at the Halles Biomonde.

Under the guidance of their teacher, Jordan Hubert, the Edmond-Michelet high school students have laid out the Nature trail with floral designs. Thanks to explanatory panels, Marie-Christine Prigent, SVT teacher presented burdock seeds, the origin of Velcro, but also the way in which information is transmitted in bees.

At the same time, the cartoonist, Samuel Buquet, a former landscaper student at the establishment, displayed his boards explaining how the technique of sketching plants inspired his career.

The Blob was featured by the decorator Marie-Astrid Leducque, by creating a fresco on painted canvas with the Michelet high school students. Saint-Malo artists Kasam and Kalei35 produced a humorous presentation of the Blob.

The exhibition highlighting the Blob: a true link between nature and science is open to the public during the opening hours of the Halles Biomonde until January 24, 2022.

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