To better discover the town, the City of Draguignan inaugurates its XXL plan painted on a wall

The City has just reinforced its information system with a mural in the parking lot on Avenue de Montferrat.

Directed by Harold Maka (“HaroldMak, alias Philibert”), this work looks like a treasure map. We can see the paths to follow to discover the various museums, the Esplanade theater, the Chabran cultural center, the Clock Tower, or even the American cemetery.

A list far from exhaustive, because nothing has escaped the bombshell of the Dracénois graffiti artist with the build of a former rugby player.

With the help of the State and the Region

He even admits having done himself a little violence in this artistic adventure, “I could have stayed in my comfort zone and done contemporary, but I wanted the illustration to be accessible to all and immediately recognizable. “

Successful mission as noted by Deputy Prefect Eric de Wispelaere, present for the inauguration of the nearly 30 m work2: “its interest is that it has nothing administrative, while remaining informative in a clear way. “

He also took the opportunity to recall that “the restoration of the city center benefits from financial aid from the State “, i.e. 192,000 euros for the creation of the parking lot on avenue de Montferrat, out of a total cost of 720,000 euros in which the Region also participated, to the tune of 163,350 euros.

For his part, the cultural assistant Hugues Bonnet did not put forward figures, but an observation: “this work contributes to the fame of graphic art. It is also within everyone’s reach. “

The chosen one works on famous cartoon characters who could appear, life-size, on certain walls of the city from next year. “A project to display cultural places in rue des Marchands is under study, as well as a digital walk in the Arts district. “


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