TMW – Ferrero: “Petagna case? Ask De Laurentiis. Agreements not respected”


On the sidelines of the presentation of the agreement between Sampdoria and the municipality of Bogliasco for the redevelopment of sports areas, the Sampdoria president, Massimo Ferrero, spoke about the last market and the season that has just begun. These are his words collected by TMW: “After a lot of work, today is an important result. I thank all those who have followed me in this thing”.

What are the results of the transfer market?
“There is never any satisfaction in football, if the transfer market had allowed me I would have taken other players, I don’t give gifts to the coach but to Sampdoria and Massimo Ferrero. I would have made other signings. I would like to bring two other talents to January.”

What about the Petagna case?
“What health gains us (laughs ed). The thing is that all the players know that Sampdoria is fine, the city is beautiful and the fans are the best in Europe. Everyone wants to come. On Petagna you have to ask Aurelio De Laurentiis, I sent him a message telling him to solve the problem. We agreed but the agreements were not respected, not on our part. Every time something was increased, I always said yes but in the end I had to say no “.

Now there is Caputo.
“I don’t want to talk about Petagna anymore, we have hired a very motivated gentleman, I’ve been following him for years and age doesn’t matter. Look at Quagliarella, he’s a child. He counts his head and his desire, Caputo is a great footballer. Either him or Quagliarella. they will give me a gift against Inter. I would like Mancini to call Quagliarella too. “

Eventually he managed to keep everyone back.
“I didn’t struggle to hold them back. Those who come here don’t want to leave anymore.”



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