FOREWORD BY LEO FELLINGER The art of dance as a form of expression is an important non-verbal reaction to social changes, in which the audience can experience a possibility of identity on a meta-level, since many choreographers and dancers are concerned with giving external form to the inner experience. Because what actually interests us in an artist: his subjective view of a subject. As subjective and unique as the body and movement of each individual is. Only this subjective view of oneself and the world enables artistic diversity on stage and an enrichment of society. Students of the Orff Institute in Salzburg present a dance performance entitled ‘time-balance’, inspired by our society’s ambivalent understanding of time. CONCEPT . CHOREOGRAPHY . DANCE Eva Bernhard | Sapia Nedwed | Melina Fellinger | Evelyne Wohlfarter www.evelynewohlfarter.com www.kunstbox.at

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