Tigres recovers players and will have his entire arsenal ready against León | Sports Liga MX

en el volán tigres lón.by univisón and tudn.>> tigres recovers players andhas the arsenal ready forshouts exico.gignac available to debut.together with him carioca and pizarroThey also left theirinjuries.>> I am available if II feel ready and if I don’t havea lot of annoyance I talked about it withI will be at your service.let it be for a few minutes andcatch the rhythm, or we’ll seehow I feel.chronicler: the fight for aplaced in the starting eleven.one of the pairs that you aregenerates sensations are ofgicnag and thovan.>> sure, because I’m in thetigers.for the club, but also forplay.I’m in a hurry to get back, becauseI want to play with him.we know each other very well in thebasketball court.I hope everything goes well together.chronicler: in the lastweeks the royal club reachedhave 6 injured, of thewhich three by muscular theme.>> the team suddenly sufferscasualties due to blows, due to ailmentsespecially guido and ignacwhat are they due to circumstancesvery adverse to the physical part.that we lost them practicallyone month.and well, we foundDifficulty repeating eleven.chronicler: the one who remains indoubts is Carlos Gonzalez.the forecasts for yourrecovery are encouraging.towards the classic tigres sestrengthens.

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