TIGER STAR — a garden orchid: Exoticism in the garden bed – the TOAD LILY

A touch of the exotic in the garden bed.
The name toad lily does not do justice to the beautiful Tricyrtis hirta in any way. Rather, the noble blossom, which appears in late summer and autumn and is also very suitable as a cut flower, looks elegant and orchid-like. It is therefore also known as the garden orchid.
The genus of toad lilies includes about 20 members. The original home of the plants is to be found in the mountains of the Himalayas. Korea and Japan are among the main distribution areas.
The yellow, blue, purple or wine-red flowers appear at the end of August and often last into October.

• Fascinating autumn bloomers (end of August to October)
• Magnificent, orchid-like flowers
• Flowering period August to October
• Growth height approx. 50 – 100 cm
• Winter hardy down to -20 ° C

Visually, the toad lily is reminiscent of an orchid. This is where the popular name garden orchid comes from. From Wikipedia.
BUT ALSO CALLS ITSELF TIGER STAR, probably sounds better than that

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