Thriller, soil slide, house collapse, old man 79 fell into Yom River with kitchen

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9 Sep 2021 16:49

Thrilling minutes to help a 79-year-old old man at Bang Rakam, Phitsanulok Langheavy rainThroughout the night, the soil slides The kitchen behind the house collapsed into the Yom River. Folk plaster over the legs Rescuers and villagers helped for hours before he was able to come out.

At 07.30 on September 9, Phitsanulok Photo News Rescue Association staff received a notification from the people asking for help for the injured who were crushed by the cement floor in the Yom River. After the kitchen behind the house number 68/2, Village No. 2, Ban Wang Ped, Bang Rakam Subdistrict, Bang Rakam District, Phitsanulok Province, which is located along the Yom River, collapsed due to soil slides into the river. Went to check and found it was a one-story cement house next to the Yom River. The kitchen at the back of the house, which is 4 meters wide and 4 meters long, has collapsed into the Yom River by Mr. Nirut Nakchuethong, Wang Ped Village Chief, and Mr. Chamnian Permphon, vice president of Bang Rakam Mueang Mai Subdistrict Municipality Council. And the villagers are helping the homeowners whose kitchen floors have been buried in the water. Rescuers rushed down to help. It took more than 1 hour to help the injured from the water to bring to the doctor for treatment. Naresuan University Hospital Phitsanulok City Know the name of the injured person is Mr. Chua Mee Yam, 79 years old, with a head wound. and painful bruising on both legs

Mr. Nirut Nakjuethong, the headman of Wang Ped Village, revealed that this event is considered the first time in the village. The reason was because it rained heavily last night. Make the soil protruding from the house about 7 meters to absorb water and slide into the Yom River. The kitchen that extends about 4 meters from the house collapsed. Before the incident, it was known that Mr Chua, the owner of the house, heard a loud noise behind the house and his pet dog barked loudly. So he walked into the kitchen to look into the river. At the same time, the land slide caused Mr. Chua to fall down with the kitchen and his pet dog. being crushed by the cement floor of the kitchen in the water along the river bank After Mrs. Luan, his wife came to inform her daughter. and his daughter came to tell him and immediately announced that the villagers came to help Mr. Chua.

On Nang Luan Mee Yaem, 83 years old, Mr. Chua’s wife who is deaf and hard of hearing, said that he woke up around 5 am, cooked rice, prayed and set up a rice cooker Warm with rice to make offerings to monks and then sat and waited for her husband until it was close to the time the monk came So he went into the house and couldn’t find her husband. I went to look at the bed, but I couldn’t find it all over the house. So I went to find it in the kitchen. As soon as he came close to the kitchen, he was shocked. Because the kitchen slides down and I hear my husband shouting for help. Because the body fell with the remains of the kitchen in the river, very shocked, gathered consciousness and ran to follow the daughter of the house on the opposite side to come to help. Even the villagers came to help bring her husband up to the hospital.

While Mr. Tharadon Apijaree, Bang Rakam District Deputy, revealed that Bang Rakam District Chief has been assigned to check in order to help the families who have suffered. Initially, the village headman and villagers, as well as the photo news rescue, helped the injured, Mr. Chua, the owner. The house was sent to the hospital The primary damage is the kitchen. Damaged property includes refrigerators, televisions and all kitchen utensils. Private homes must be inspected by an engineer to be safe. If it is not safe, it has to be moved because the soil slides to the house, almost 20 meters wide. Announcement to alert people in the area along the Yom River to watch out for flooding. especially the houses next to the river For example, Mr. Chua’s house.

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