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Three tips to know before starting to run

by drbyos

It is certainly one of the oldest sports in the world, and certainly one of the easiest to practice from a material point of view: running. Clothes adapted to the temperature, a good pair of sneakers, a big dose of motivation and presto, you’re off for a session that will burn 600 calories per hour. However, there is no question of throwing headlong into the roads or trails to lose breath. Running can be learned, especially when you are a beginner. Guest of “Bienfait pour vous”, the coach Jean-Marc Delorme gives his advice to start this discipline on the right foot.

No music

Beyond bringing a good pair of sneakers (with a sufficiently thick sole) Jean-Marc Delorme recommends “not to take all rotten stuff at the back of the closet. Show yourself off, you have the right to make your handsome. “

Now that you are dressed, you see your headphones on the entrance table. Should you take them to accompany you with a little music? Not necessarily, according to Jean-Marc Delorme, who affirms that the rhythm of your music can distort that of your stride and “exhaust you”. Moreover, music “is now prohibited during road competitions, since it is considered doping”.

Running with a flat foot

That’s it, you are launched in your first strides. But here again the error is not far off. “85% of people run with the heel engaged first. You have to try to run as much as possible with your foot flat to limit the impact on the heel and have repercussions on the knees and lower back.” Without forgetting that you must also remember to use your arms. “We engage the opposite arm to the leg”, specifies the coach, “it will help”.

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Avoid treadmills

But until then, you have to “start gradually” and stick to a rate of two to three outings per week for two to three months before it becomes “addicting”. It is even possible at the start to do two-thirds of walking and then a third of running during a session, which is preferably done outdoors. With a mat, “there is a kind of backward effect and that causes a small twist in the pelvis which can pose a problem”, warns the professional. And then, “we are not going to melt with a little rain”.

Eighteen months of training before embarking on a marathon

If you are consistent, a beginner can hope to pass the 10 km mark in a few months, while it takes a year and a half of training before embarking on a marathon.

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