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Three Limburgers infected with British variant coronavirus | 1Limburg

by drbyos

The British variant of the corona virus has now also reached Limburg. Three residents of Geleen were tested positive for Covid-19 at the end of December. After investigation they turned out to be infected with the British variant.

The new virus variant in the infected persons recently came to light in a sample.

Not in England
A spokesman for GGD South Limburg emphasizes that the infected Geleners have not recently been in England. How they did contract this mutated variant is still being investigated. Whether the patients have had contact with each other, the spokesperson does not want to say for privacy reasons. He does not go into how serious their complaints are or were. “In general, the symptoms are no more severe than the standard variant. But much research is still being done on this.”

GGD Zuid Limburg was already prepared for the scenario that the virus would mutate. For this reason, samples of positive PCR tests have been carried out in the laboratory of Maastricht UMC + since December. “We are prepared for it and these cases came as no surprise,” said the spokesman.

GGD Zuid Limburg thinks it is a worrying development because of its contagiousness that the British variant has now also surfaced in this province. “Dutch healthcare already has its hands full with patients with the standard corona variant. So we are certainly concerned about this.”


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