Three gunshots on the Vâlcele Variant – Apahida! A BMW was seen passing over the foot of a police officer

A car that ran away from a mixed crew of gendarmes and policemen was stopped in the Agro Transilvania area, Dezmir, after the weapon was used, on the Vâlcele – Apahida variant.

The gendarmes from the Cluj-Napoca Mobile Gendarmes Group were in a mixed crew, providing support to the police officers from the Apahida Police Station for stopping a car, which did not obey the request of the police officers. The car was stopped in the area of ​​the Agrifood market, after the weapons used by the police of the Apahida Police Station were used.“, Specify the representatives of the Mobile Group of Gendarmes Cluj.

The car stopped in the Agro Transilvania area, the driver was drunk and had no insurance. Investigators suspected it was a drug truck, but nothing was found during the search.

It is very possible that the drugs were thrown out the window.

The case is being investigated by prosecutors.


On December 6 this year, around 04.45, the policemen of the Apahida Rural Police Section 2 stopped a vehicle for control, on DN1C – VOCE (Vâlcele Belt – Apahida), within Dezmir locality.

During the inspection of the car from outside, the driver, respectively a 31-year-old man from Cluj-Napoca, suddenly accelerated, leaving the place where he was stopped and slightly injuring the police officer.

After the summons, the police fired three shots, one vertically and two at the tires, however, the car continued to move.

The police started following him, and after about 200-300 meters, in the roundabout area at the intersection of VOCE Apahida and Calea Dezmirului, the driver allegedly lost control of the direction of travel, remaining immobilized on the side of the road.

The driver, along with four passengers aged between 34 and 26, were immobilized and taken to the police station, during which the 31-year-old man posed threats to the police officer.

The driver’s test with the breathalyzer indicated a concentration of 0.34 mg / l pure alcohol in the exhaled air, for which case a minor offense sanction was applied in accordance with GEO 195/2002 and the complementary measure of suspension of the exercise of the right to drive .

At the same time, further investigations are being carried out by the magistrates of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Cluj-Napoca Court, under the aspect of committing the crime of outrage.



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