three dead, the plane returned to Essonne after a rally in Nancy

17 h 20 : we know a little more about the device. The plane belongs to a flying club in Etampes, in Essonne. It was part of a journey of five aircraft departing from Etampes, and which landed yesterday in Nancy. Today, three aircraft were to leave for Essonne, but one of them would have deviated from its flight plan and would have ended up in Côte-d’Or. A judicial inquiry and an administrative inquiry have been opened.

In addition, the debris is concentrated on a small area about a hundred meters from the airport. One of the avenues studied to explain the crash would be bad weather conditions.

4:37 p.m.: The prosecutor of the Republic of Dijon, Olivier Caracotch, arrived.

16 h 30 : drone pilot gendarmes have just arrived at the scene of the crash.

16 h 25 : a team from Samu 21 arrives on site to make the last medical findings.

16 h 13 : the three victims are men. One was born in 1949, the other two in 1957.

4 p.m .: three people, unidentified for the moment, died in the crash. The bodies should be extracted quickly.

According to our information, the plane came from Nancy.

The air transport gendarmerie brigade (BGTA) and criminal identification technicians from Dijon and Roissy-en-France (Val-d’Oise) are on site. Investigators from the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA), in charge of aircraft accidents in France, were also mobilized.

Photo LBP/Vannick BERTON

3:40 p.m.: A vehicle of police criminal identification technicians from the Gendarmerie has just arrived on site.

15 h 30 : The gendarmes, also present in number, invite motorists to slow down on the D971, shortly before the aerodrome.

15 h 25 : Friday afternoon, around 2:30 p.m., firefighters were called in for an aircraft crash near Darois aerodrome. According to our information, three people were on board.

In addition to many Sdis 21 assets, including at least four ambulances, a Samu 21 vehicle was deployed on site. The chief of staff of the prefect of Côte-d’Or and Bourgogne Franche-Comté arrived on site, as did the deputy departmental director of Sdis 21. The prosecutor is expected.

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