Thousands of trade unionists protest in Brussels for purchasing power, hindrance to public transport

The wage norm in particular is a thorn in the side of the trade unionists. This standard means that wages can only increase to a limited extent on top of the automatic indexation. Now that life is quickly becoming more expensive, partly due to the rapidly rising energy bills, this creates frustration.

Due to the rapidly rising inflation, employers are also questioning automatic wage indexation, which in turn provokes resistance from the unions.

“It’s a minimum, because people can’t follow to pay their bills and make their purchases, says Miranda Ulens, general secretary of the socialist union. “The index has already flattened because fuels have been removed from it. Keep your hands off that index.”

The “criminalization of trade union actions” is also very important to the unions. They refer, among other things, to the conviction of 17 trade unionists, including ABVV chairman Thierry Bodson, for blocking a viaduct on the E40 in Liège.


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