Thomas Müller caricatures defensive behavior of Hertha BSC

Photo: MDI /

In the away game against Hertha BSC, which FC Bayern won 4-1, Thomas Müller scored his sixth goal of the season. The Munich star was quite surprised at the lack of defensive behavior of the Berlin defence.

Thomas Müller had to smile when he extended a Joshua Kimmich free-kick cross into the far corner with his sole. First the FC Bayern star sent “Greetings to the kit man: Stollen well screwed on”, and then pointed out the lack of defense by the Berliners.

There was no resistance from the Hertha defense when Müller scored. Müller said he had a brief chat with Niklas Süle before the free kick. “They didn’t really try to defend me. We want to play that ball, but for me to be so free…”

Müller is in top form again this season. In Berlin he scored his sixth goal in the Bundesliga on Sunday. Much more impressive are the outstanding 18 assists that the Munich club has delivered so far.

The 32-year-old was also surprised because his goal was very similar to that of Robin Knoche in the Berlin city derby during the week. “It was almost a copy of Robin Knoche’s goal during the week,” said Müller. “I’ll take that with me.”


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