Home News This Wednesday the local police of the Pitiusas will begin to be vaccinated | Radio Ibiza | Hour 14 Ibiza

This Wednesday the local police of the Pitiusas will begin to be vaccinated | Radio Ibiza | Hour 14 Ibiza

by drbyos

More than 3,000 doses of vaccines against covid-19 arrive this week at the Ibiza and Formentera Health Area. The Pharmacy Service of the Ibiza and Formentera Health Area has received a new shipment today. 2,816 doses of different brands have arrived, 2,000 from Astrazéneca, 300 from Moderna and 516 from Pfizer.

This new shipment of vaccines will be completed on Friday with the arrival of 222 new doses of the Pfizer brand, which will reach 3,038 doses.

Vaccines against Covid continue to reach more groups little by little. Precisely, starting tomorrow, the local police in the Pitiusas will begin to be vaccinated, there will be 144, according to the data provided by IbSalut. There are already 40 agents scheduled for tomorrow.

As for teachers, the first doses will reach, according to the Government’s list, 792 Infant teachers, 578 Primary and 984 Secondary, more than 2,300 in total. At the moment, those who have that injection do not reach 360, specifically there are 353.

From the Ibsalut they recognize that they are calling the teachers according to the list and without checking if they are from the same center or not. Something that groups of teachers have criticized because “if there are secondary effects there would be templates that could be reduced”, as has already happened in other communities such as Madrid.

From the STEI union, its spokesperson, Pere Lomas, also highlights that there are many doubts in this regard. Issues that will be raised tomorrow in a meeting they have with the Ministry. They also wonder what happens with university teachers, with those who are over 55 years of age or with intern teachers.

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Both police and teachers, all under the age of 55, get vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

Of those over 80 this week, 249 will be vaccinated in Ibiza and 16 in Formentera. Specifically, this number corresponds to the age group over 95 years of age.

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