This van harasses a cyclist, she takes revenge by tearing off her rearview mirror!

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When the video begins we can see that the truck cuts off the young woman’s road. The two passengers seem very insistent as the cyclist tries to escape.

But a few seconds later, we will realize that Madame had not said her last word. Determined to make them pay, she will disembark on the right and knock out the rearview mirror of the van.

A very brief but extremely violent act that the two men did not steal! Moreover, the biker and author of the video (to discover also on this link) will add a layer. Just after the young woman’s departure, he comes up to the driver of the truck that he has deserved such a lesson.

A good lesson

They got what they deserved by having their rearview mirror ripped off. It is almost even a pity that it is Madame who has been obliged to take justice into herself. But hey, the important thing is that these two stalkers learn the lesson!


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