This time Will Smith played one of Jada Pinkett Smith’s sex scenes for his grandmother. | LOMEJOR TV

For months now, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been revealing secrets about their 27-year relationship. The Hollywood couple spoke about the non-traditional arrangement they have in their marriage. As the media turned his comments into an overrated drama, an untold story from Smith may put more perspective on their relationship. the rey richard The star spoke of an interaction between her grandmother and her new girlfriend at the time.

Will Smith revealed the The Graham Norton Show (via Insider) what happened the first time Jada Pinkett Smith met her grandmother Gigi. This entire ordeal was an anxious time for Pinkett Smith, as it was the first time she had met her entire family in her hometown of Philadelphia. Before the two women met, Will Smith decided to play a prank on his future wife. He wanted to break the ice by showing one of his new girlfriend’s sex scenes. The Hollywood star explained in detail what happened between the two women:

My grandmother Gigi is down there with Jesus. Since I didn’t know who Jada was, I edited a movie of her and understood that by the time Jada arrived, my grandmother would see the love scene. … When she came in, my grandmother was in the middle of the stage, she looked up and said to Jada: “When I was little, people didn’t have to undress to make a movie.


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