This is what the national players’ chances of playing look like

After the international break, the 4th matchday in the Bundesliga is just around the corner. SC Freiburg had also turned off one or the other player for the national teams. Christian Streich now commented on Roland Sallai (Hungary), Philipp Lienhart (Austria) and Nico Schlotterbeck (Germany) regarding the respective chances of action with a view to Saturday.

“Roland played all three games. now [gegen Andorra, Anm. d. Red.] not 90, but 45 minutes. Philipp played the first game, he is healthy and available. We have to look at Nico Schlotterbeck. He was on the road for a long time and didn’t play at all. “

While Streich received positive feedback from Lienhart, who is now back in Breisgau, during a conversation, he has not yet received any further information from Sallai. “Roland is on the way here. I didn’t hear he had an injury. And that’s where we have to decide whether it makes more sense for him to come in [Köln-]Game or play from the start. “

Sallai is unlikely to be injured because otherwise “he would have called,” assured the coach.

Schlotterbeck stuck with the DFB selection in Scotland

The German national team had an unscheduled stop on the way back. The machine apparently had problems, which is why a check had to be carried out in Scotland. Originally the team was supposed to fly from Iceland to Frankfurt.

“Schlotterbeck got stuck with the national team in Scotland because the machine had to be checked. They haven’t slept all night. ”In his case too, Streich had to weigh up whether it makes sense to let him play from the start,“ we’ll talk to him and then decide in the coaching team. ”

Basically, the three players will decide at short notice who could jump out of a place in the starting eleven.

During the international break, the other Freiburg players also played a test match against FC Zurich. “And the boys did really well against Zurich.” Among others, Keven Schlotterbeck, Manuel Gulde and Dominique Heintz played in the 3-2 win.


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