This is the price of the ‘fit’ electric motorbike to be invaded by Indonesians


Since the last year, more and more vehicle manufacturers have launched new electric motorcycles in Indonesia. However, remember electric motorcycle price is still relatively high, consumer interest in these mounts is still far below conventional motorcycles. So, what is the ideal price for an electric motorcycle in Indonesia?

Minister of Transportation (Menhub) Budi Karya Sumadi said electric motorcycles should be cheaper than those currently marketed. According to him, if the manufacturer sells the non-emission mounts in the range of Rp. 16 million, and the quality and technology are maintained, then consumers will buy them a lot.

“If the price of an electric motorbike is Rp. 16 million with an attractive motor condition and good battery quality, this will be very attractive to the people of Indonesia,” said Budi Karya Sumadi through his official statement at the Indonesia Electric Motor Show or IEMS 2022 which took place at JCC Senayan, Jakarta. South.

Minister of Transportation Budi said there are three things that must be pursued to make electric vehicles more economical. First, make a battery that is competitively priced but has a high cruising range. Second, producing products domestically, and thirdly increasing battery charging stations.

“If these three things are done systematically, the price of electric vehicles will be relatively cheaper,” he explained.

According to Budi, if the price of electric motorcycles is cheap and the demand for them continues to grow, there will be a balance between the amount of production and consumer demand. This rotation has finally made the EV industry more widespread in Indonesia, so that over time electric vehicles become a trend.

“At a certain point there will be a number of explosions between production and users of electric vehicles. I believe electric vehicles have a good future,” said the Minister of Transportation.

Furthermore, Minister of Transportation Budi also appreciated the collaborative efforts of universities, researchers, and the industrial sector who also supported the government to create an electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia.

“Regulations and policies from the government, as well as studies and research from universities will be complete when the industry innovates and seizes opportunities for the electric vehicle industry whose potential is already in sight,” he said.

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