This is the frustrated dream of Zachary Levi (Shazam), Ryan Reynolds was ahead of him

God helps those who get up early, a saying that can also be applied to Hollywood and from which Ryan Reynolds took advantage. Zachary Levi also wanted to become Deadpool, but fate did its thing and Reynolds he got ahead of him by taking the role of the antihero.

Would you be able to imagine another Deadpool other than that of Ryan Reynolds? The actor seems to have been born for that role and it is undeniable that his effort and passion have made his performance a great success. Except X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but we better not think too much about that version of the character.

Zachary Levi’s controlled jealousy

But Ryan Reynolds He wasn’t the only actor interested in the mutant. Zachary Levi confessed in DragonCon, as reported Koimoi, one of the roles that he would have liked the opportunity to play, before it became Shazam.

  • “I wanted to be Deadpool during years. I was very envious of Ryan Reynolds… nailed it … When you see someone doing something you wanted to do for so long, and they’re doing great, your reaction is’ congratulations, keep it up.
Shazam 2- Zachary Levi

That jealousy did not prevent Levi enjoy your role as Billy Batson, something that he clarified in the interview saying:

  • “I’m great. To have managed to play Capitán Marvel/Shazam/Billy Batson, it’s a dream role. And he has a completely different DNA from almost all other superheroes. ”

Both actors are preparing for the sequels to their respective films. Levi will reprise the powerful superhero for the second time in Shazam 2, while Reynolds already going for the Deadpool third sequel, which has yet to be shot.

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