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This is the cause of the collapse of temperatures in Barcelona this weekend

by drbyos

After suffering a lot of rain and cold throughout the week, the weather and meteorological phenomena give no respite and a polar cold wave will loom over the Iberian Peninsula along All weekend. So that, Catalonia and its capital, Barcelona, they will suffer a drastic drop in temperatures.

After suffering for several rainy days what has caused the storm Celia, which this Friday will completely fade, now it is the turn of a cold air mass from northern Europe. Born in Greenland, this polar tongue is loaded with moisture, so it will leave significant precipitation in the form of snow in the Pyrenees.

Drop in temperatures

Meteorologists do not expect it to rain in Barcelona, ​​but there will be a huge decline of temperatures. Starting on Friday, Barcelona will notice how the cold is gradually becoming more and more noticeable, reaching minimum temperatures of 9ºC, and that will be more latent throughout the weekend.

Winter cold wave in Barcelona

In Barcelona, ​​temperatures will be around 5 y 8ºC, and if, as predicted, the wind does not blow with the expected force, the thermometer could read about 12 or 13ºC maximum. Meteorologists believe that the cold air mass will lose strength once the weekend has passed, so the temperature will gradually rise again.

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