This is the best, most awesome fan-made CGI trailer on Pathfinder

The gaming community is capable of nothing short of impressive. And of Apex Legends was not going to be an exception. We could talk about games that many players play in that deserve to be celebrated, or we could talk about the ingenious moves or tricks to finish as champions in all of their games, but we think it’s even more impressive. the creativity, skill and effort that some players put into accomplishing simply amazing tasks.

Today we have to talk about a trailer CGI, the second we see in a few days. We remember that the first one was directed by a fan and talked about it The wild personality of Bloodhound. And today is also made by a fan, but this time it’s about tenpindan, and its trailer stars Pathfinder, one of the most popular legends of Apex Legends.

The history of Pathfinder (and more)

This trailer CGI focuses more on the Pathfinder story where he tries to find his creator, and of course we can see his personality and demeanor with other legends. This aspect is also one of the best, because not only we see the sympathetic robot made with incredible realism, but we also see characters like Bangalore, Wattson, Octane, Loba, Wraith… and Revenant, who has a conversation at the end of the video with Pathfinder. Take a look at this audiovisual wonder:

Again, this is just awesome. The designer has made it clear that he has been working intermittently at work night and morning for the past few months and is motivated to do so this week. It only remains to see if we will see more work in the future from this user on Apex Legends, what we wish because it left us speechless. We will stay tuned to keep you informed of any news.

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