This is how the vaccination rates against covid-19 are going in these Latin American countries

(CNN Español) — According to figures from Our World In Data, more than 40.3% of the world population on average is vaccinated at least partially against covid-19. However, only 1.8% of the population on average in low-income countries have received at least one dose.

How are vaccination rates in Latin American countries?

Here are the figures from Our World In Data with a cut-off date of September 4 (some countries have figures from previous cut-off dates, according to the data available by country for the early hours of Monday, September 6):

  • Uruguay 76,76%
  • Chile 75,12%
  • Brazil 64.49%
  • Panama 63.74%
  • Argentina 61,94%
  • Ecuador 59,81%
  • Costa Rica 59.53%
  • El Salvador 56.06%
  • Dominican Republic 53.40%
  • Cuba 50,12%
  • Colombia 46,35%
  • Mexico 45.11%
  • Belice 41.39%
  • Guyana 39,66%
  • Suriname 34.79%
  • Bolivia 34,11%
  • Peru 32.20%
  • Paraguay 31,37%
  • Honduras 27,52%
  • Venezuela 20,92%
  • Guatemala 18,90%
  • Nicaragua 6,61%
  • Haiti 0.24%

Among the countries in the world with the highest percentage of their population at least partially vaccinated against covid-19 are the United Arab Emirates, with 87.51%, Portugal, with 85.63%, Qatar, with 79.77%, and Spain, 78.51%. Uruguay and Chile follow closely behind.

Children are most at risk from the pandemic 0:51

Panama and Argentina surpass the United States, which has a 61.61% population rate at least partially vaccinated.

Overall, the continent already has, on average, more than half of the population vaccinated with at least one dose. South America has a vaccination rate of 55.59% and North America of 54.20%.


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