This is how the stars celebrate Christmas


December 24, 2021 – 12:26 pm Clock

These are the stars’ Christmas plans

The stars also prefer to celebrate Christmas with their families. The news agency spot on news asked the celebrities about their Christmas plans.

Pietro Lombardi

Singer Pietro Lombardi (29): “On Christmas Eve we are in the family in a small circle. Everyone is there. Alessio, Sarah, the whole family and me. On December 25, I am always with my family in Karlsruhe. I always enjoy this time very much. It always is a little like time in the world has stood still. “

Heidi Klum

Model Heidi Klum (48): “We celebrate in German – on Christmas Eve. We all get up very early on the 24th because the youngest can’t wait. Then we unwrap the presents and spend the whole day with them. The fireplace is on and there is a lot to do meal.”

Jannik Schümann

Actor Jannik Schümann (29): “I am traditionally with my family in Hamburg and celebrate with my brothers and nieces. Since we have had small children with us for a few years now, Christmas has become more important again. Santa Claus comes, poems are recited and the little ones freak out when mom rings the angel’s bell, like every year at 5 p.m., and we go into the decorated living room. “

Yasmina Filali

Actress Yasmina Filali (46): “Unfortunately in a much smaller group than we are used to. Thomas’ sister and her children come to us from Düsseldorf.”

Andrea Sawatzki

actress Andrea Sawatzki (58): “We have a very small family, there are four of us celebrating. Christmas Eve is incredibly important to us. And that will certainly not change in the near future. There are even gifts for the dogs: special treats that they can then take themselves have to unpack. “

Daniel Boschmann

Moderator Daniel Boschmann (41): “With us it looks like we have a Santa Claus boot camp. We have everything that Christmas has to offer and we celebrate it accordingly. From the tree to the entire decoration around it.”

Silva gonzalez

Singer Silva Gonzalez (42): “We will celebrate in a very cozy atmosphere with the three children and the grandparents with a Christmas tree, an oven fire and good music. There will be goose and dumplings for dinner.”

Victoria Swarovski

moderator Victoria Swarovski (28): “I’m going to celebrate with the family in Marbella this year. Christmas without snow, but it’s really beautiful there. We celebrate Christmas from early to morning. When we decorate the trees, we all wear really fancy Christmas sweaters. Each family member even has their own ball his initials on it. Before we get dressed up for the evening, we’re actually in the kitchen all the time, cooking and baking cookies. “

Bruce Darnell

Entertainer Bruce Darnell (64): “I spend Christmas on my favorite island of Ibiza. There I can switch off wonderfully, enjoy the peace and look forward to good conversations with friends. Traditions are not very important to me. I like changes and new challenges.”

Hera Lind

Author Hera Lind (64): “As always with the whole family! The time together is precious to us, gifts are not so important. There are of course gifts for the little ones, but we adults give each other deep conversations, laughter, listening and Appreciation.”

Jimmy Kelly

Singer Jimmy Kelly (50): “On December 24th, on Christmas Eve, we always have a nice meal and afterwards we all go to evening mass together. On December 25th in the morning there is always presents with presents under the Christmas tree. The children usually wake us up Very early in the morning because they want to open their presents. We are usually all still in pajamas, I make coffee for my wife and myself and the children unpack the presents. It’s a lazy morning, breakfast is usually on the side and on In the afternoon we go for a walk if the weather is nice. Sometimes grandma and grandpa come or we go to them, all very clichéd, but nice. “

Ben Sugar

Pop star Ben Sugar (38): “Together with my family, as always. We really enjoy playing board games. Every year someone in our family is determined to get the game of their choice to play after dinner. We have now got that a long tradition. “

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