This is how much Amazon pays for an influencer video

This is how much Amazon pays for an influencer video

Amazon wants his TikTok-like shopping feed expand and has encouraged influencers to produce hundreds of videos. However, the offer is well below the usual prices. The retail giant bids just once for 500 videos 12.500 Dollar on, reports Bloomberg.

Amazon is ridiculed

Amazon emailed select influencers asking them to submit videos with 2 or more products. The initiative is limited to a total of 35,000 videos, which corresponds to a value of $875,000. An influencer can submit a maximum of 500 videos, for which he or she will receive $12,500. these are 25 Dollar pro TikTok-Video.

Influencers scoff at the low remuneration on social media. On average, ten times as much is paid for this type of short video. Other influencers report receiving a similar email. It offered $12,500 for 250 videos, what 50 Dollar pro Video corresponds.

Amazon Inspire as a competitor to TikTok

With the content, Amazon is probably trying to “Inspire” service to strengthen. The TikTok-like feed of videos and photos of products launched in the US last December. However, the feed requires a constant stream of new videos and products for potential customers to check out.

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The timing is not surprising. TikTok is also expanding its Ecommerce Features to important markets, including the USA and Great Britain. Users can buy products directly via posts and live streams. TikTok parent company ByteDance expects to sell goods worth 20 billion dollars will sell through their platform.

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Commissions are also paid

The challenge for Amazon is to create content that can compete with TikTok. However, a price of $25 per video may not be enough to offer quality content on the platform. However, they lure commissionswhich are paid per product sold, might suggest some influencers.


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