This incorrect way of walking and running can cause permanent damage to our body

With the various colored areas during the long winter of the epidemic we found ourselves a people of runners. With gyms, swimming pools and sports facilities closed, Italians poured into the streets, rediscovering the pleasure of walking and jogging. Unfortunately, many amateurs and amateurs with a very low muscle and physical tone have also returned to activity. This not only affected breath, stamina and fatigue, but also bad posture due to lack of experience. It may indeed seem the simplest thing in this world, but knowing how to run and walk, however, has very specific rules. This incorrect way of walking and running can cause permanent damage to our body. Let’s see together with our sports experts how to behave not to get hurt.

Basic teaching in sport

When children learn to play sports, qualified instructors explain to them the importance of putting the foot firmly on the ground. Obviously excluding swimming, which is practiced in water, or cycling, almost all sports involve contact between our feet and the ground. From jogging to walking. However, few know that when the foot rests, it does so in three distinct phases:

  • starts from the heel;
  • advances with the sole of the foot;
  • ends with the tip.

The correct movement to which we never pay attention objectively resembles that of the sea wave. By mistaking these phases, perhaps unbalancing the body and using the arms badly, we are going to cause a whole series of pains and inflammations that are also quite important.

This incorrect way of walking and running can cause permanent damage to our body

Coaches use the term “neutral spine” to define the correct posture when we practice sports. This is because we must not forget that the skeleton supports us like the trunk of a tree. When we decide to go for a jog, or a brisk walk, we also remember that the head, shoulders and pelvis should be in line. If we miss even the position of the head, we drag all the others behind. This means overloading the lumbar area, causing in a nutshell the classic back pain which then blocks and invalidates us. And beware that too this clamorous mistake that few people know when we go jogging is enough to cancel all the benefits of the activity.

A final curiosity

Let’s not forget the importance of a comfortable shoe and then perfect to prevent the foot from suffering and making the whole body suffer. We close this roundup of suggestions for our readers with a technical curiosity that few know. When we go for a walk, the ground gives us back the same amount of strength as our weight. At that moment we are the ones who must distribute it correctly throughout the body to avoid overloading some of its areas. It is a law of physics, which without realizing it allows us to safeguard bones, muscles and joints. Finally, a tip on what to eat and when to do it after jogging to better recover.


The worst mistake we can make while jogging

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)
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