this health problem she revealed on Instagram

At only 18 years old, Lou Pernaut does not stop igniting the Web. Followed by over 840,000 people on TikTok and over 112,000 followers on Instagram, the daughter of Nathalie Marquay and Jean-Pierre Pernaut can count on the support of the many subscribers who follow his posts. That’s why on Saturday September 4 on Instagram, the one who recently posed without makeup appealed for help to his community following a dental problem. “Guys I’m in great pain. Are there dentists here?” Visibly in pain, the young lady unveiled in her story the picture of the inflammation of her jaw.

And, two hours later, Lou Pernaut revealed to be suffering from a complication following tooth extraction. “I have a socket so it is sore,” she said in her picture. A health problem that is obviously very painful for Lou Pernaut. “I take painkillers, I eat liquid, I do mouthwashes,” she captioned her post. And for good reason, the patient feels intense pain caused by the exposure of the bone at the extraction site. In this event, Lou Pernaut, who has already been the target of death threats, will undoubtedly be able to count on the support of her brother Tom with whom she shares a real passion for social networks. An activity dubbed by their mother. “Me, that amuses me a lot, it is from their generation! They started to do it during the first confinement which was extremely difficult. They (…)

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