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Anyone who records voice messages on WhatsApp can pause the recording in the future and continue it later. The messenger service is working on this new function. Further innovations are also planned.

WhatsApp expands the functions of its app and focuses on voice messages. Several changes could make recording and playback easier. Among other things, you should be allowed to take a break when recording voice messages in the future. The new function was seen in an early beta version, as reported by the specialist magazine “WABetaInfo”.

According to the report, users can pause the recording and then continue from the same point. This is useful when you are distracted or want to reconsider your formulation. Previously, users had to start the voice message from scratch in such cases.

The innovation should be available for Android and iOS, but is currently still in development. There is no exact date for publication yet. Usually, new features only start for users of the beta version of the app. They will then be rolled out for all users.

Further improvements planned

In addition to the pause function, WhatsApp is also working on a player in order to be able to listen to a voice message in the entire app and not just in a chat window. This allows users to reply to another message at the same time while listening to a voice message. This is useful for very long voice messages or when another contact is waiting for a quick response.

With more than two billion users, WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger in the world. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in February 2014 for $ 19 billion.

Since then, Facebook has tried to dovetail Messenger more and more with the parent company and expanded its functions. In addition, WhatsApp recently had to assert itself increasingly against growing competition from apps such as Signal, Threema and Telegram. To Changes in the terms and conditions Recently, many WhatApp users switched to other services.



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