Thionville. The mission of Phoenix, a 2-year-old Labrador? Social mediation

Without a doubt, the arrival of Phénix within the services of the Meeting Space and of Apsis Émergence, has changed the way families are taken care of, as has the daily life of teams elsewhere. Provided by the Association of Mediator and Utility Dogs of the East, based in Woippy, this 2-year-old Labrador joined the two now merged entities last March, which currently take care of more than 400 families of the agglomeration of Thionville. Families in (great) difficulty, who live through complicated personal situations linked to separations, violence and conflicts.

“We visited the Impulsion 54 association in Pont-à-Mousson, which works with a golden retriever. We wanted to build a similar project, based on the benefits of such a device, explains Isabelle Scaramal, head of department. We presented it to the manager, who gave a favorable response to our request. “By its presence, Phénix facilitates” the link between children and their parents, communication is more open “.

Soothing partner in children’s auditions

His referent, Alexia Maiset, family mediator since October 2009, lives with him at work, but also at home. Trained like her colleagues to get the best out of the dog, her mistress appreciates her versatility: in room mediation, in a neutral place, or during children’s hearings. In each situation, one and the same observation: everyone’s stress decreases, interactions with Phénix play down those moments when fear, even anger, overwhelms children and adults.

“Phoenix has become a full member of the team,” smiles the department head.

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