Thionville. The cashier collects only €30 out of the €2,900 of her sisters’ shopping

Hired as a cashier for a period of four months at the Carrefour hypermarket in Thionville, a 23-year-old young woman is being prosecuted for having tried to defraud her employer.

On December 31, 2020, his two sisters entered the store, each pushing a cart. Equipped with a scanner – a portable barcode reader used to scan products as they go – they copiously fill the carts, which are overflowing, while only scanning the cheapest products. Then they go to the cash desk of their older sister, an accomplice, who charges them the sum of more or less €30 instead of the €2,900.75 worth of goods contained in their two carts. Goods that they then intended to deposit in the trunk of the cashier’s car, parked in the parking lot.

“Serious financial difficulties”

“It was my sisters who had the idea,” says the respondent. At first I didn’t want to. Then I ended up giving in for food products only”. Their plan could have worked if the guard had not been intrigued by these two teenagers with very full carts, provided with a scanner for two. The store’s security manager, who followed the two young girls with surveillance cameras, arrested them as they left the hypermarket. The stolen merchandise was recovered.

“This is a family that is in a situation of great financial difficulty. His contract was ending. She let herself be dragged into this situation that she was unable to stop, ”argues the defense lawyer. However, “out of the €2,900.75 worth of goods, there was only €300 worth of foodstuffs”, remarks Eric Lambert, the president of the court.

The defendant, with a clean record until then, is sentenced to perform 70 hours of community service in the next 18 months or, failing that, to a two-month prison sentence.


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