Thionville. Renovate the Saint-Pierre district to change its image

“Saint-Pierre is a priority district of the city, engaged in an important process of participatory democracy with its citizens’ council. We are gathered here to present and discuss the urban renewal project concerning it, my desire in the long term being to link it to the La Milliaire district by reducing the Paul-Albert axis. “Wednesday evening, September 8, under the courtyard of the Jacques-Prévert school, the mayor, Pierre Cuny, explained to some 80 inhabitants of Saint-Pierre how their daily life and their environment would change. This urban renovation of the Saint-Pierre micro-neighborhood, where Moselis remains the sole social landlord, should start in a few months, in 2022.

What are the objectives of the project?

There are many. This involves opening up the neighborhood by opening up new roads and taking advantage of the arrival of the Chaussée d’Afrique high-level bus (BHNS), creating spaces for leisure and relaxation, and renovating the habitat. social, to bring social diversity, to promote pedestrian and bicycle modes of travel, and therefore to link Saint-Pierre to La Milliaire to build a coherent entity. An entity enjoying a new image, more attractive and reassuring, “more positive” according to the mayor.

How much will the renovation cost?

It will take around 40 M € for the overall Saint-Pierre and La Milliaire operation. The invoice will be settled by the City, the Portes de France-Thionville agglomeration community and by Moselis. The latter will, for example, initially rehabilitate the three rounds 12, 14 and 16 (€ 4 million per round). The odd ones will follow, except for the 13. This rehabilitation will result in thermal and sound insulation, the transformation of the entrances, and the exterior installations, which involve the elimination of overhead parking lots. The City will take advantage of the major maneuvers to expand the Jacques-Prévert social center.

How will it impact the lives of residents?

Tower 13 will not be renovated. It will be destroyed. Moselis will therefore have to take care of the rehousing of the fifty-three households and the resulting social support. In 2028, all of the towers will be renovated. However, the overall project will not be completed for about twenty years. As for the Côte des Roses.

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