Thionville. Operation seduction of the city’s sports clubs

Since 2019, in September, the Municipal Sports Office of Thionville and the city have been organizing a forum, “it is a showcase of the existing sports offer”, explains President Aldo Giuliano. Saturday, the 3e publishing has relocated near Puzzle. “It’s easier to check the health pass, believes Claude Brenneis of Judo de Thionville, even if we are a little far from the city center”.

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The thirty-five voluntary associations were there as well as the public. Especially the children enjoyed the event, trying their hand at climbing, driving small cars and motorcycles. It was also possible to make a few baskets or even go bowling. At the option of the stands, the volunteers saw a crowd of people. At 4, Kyara de Yutz dreams of boxing, too young, she set her sights on twirling. Timéo, 8 years old, is interested in tennis but he still hesitates with karate. “He will test both and he will make his choice then”, specifies the mother.

Positive spinoffs for clubs

“In one hour, I had four requests for awakening judo. This forum is very positive for us, as are Sports Tickets ”, Claude appreciates. Next door, the ladies of the toy library are also loyal to the post. “We take the opportunity to present our actions but also to recruit, admits Renée. There is a dire shortage of volunteers. “

While most clubs have resumed service, some are wondering about the operation to be set up and the retention of staff. “For the children, no problem. Where it gets stuck is for over 12s and adults who must have their health pass. We have many calls from unvaccinated people. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept them. “


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