Thionville. Isabelle Rauch, MP: “Macron spoke cash”

How are you living this political return which coincides with the imminent end of your mandate as parliamentarian?

Isabelle RAUCH, Member of Parliament. “I’m still in action. Over the next few months, I will continue on the same themes such as gender equality, the daily life of cross-border workers. There is also the tip of the iceberg, namely the vice-presidency of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. An exciting behind-the-scenes job that requires establishing bilateral relations with our European neighbours. »

Speaking of your favorite themes, the management of the taxation of cross-border workers raises questions. What role did you play in drawing up the new tax treaty between France and Luxembourg which crystallized so much mistrust?

“We are going to set the framework. I was not the rapporteur on the first draft convention. However, I took on this role afterwards. When I became aware of the text, it was I who passed the amendment exempting the tax, in France, of cross-border workers whose income was exclusively from Luxembourg sources. Regarding mixed couples, receiving income on both sides of the border, no one alerted me to Bercy. »

A proof of amateurism?

“What I can say is that the tax lawyers consulted, like the Bercy services in charge of the impact study, mentioned a relatively marginal effect of a few hundred euros. No one had anticipated. Behind, I spent my summer at Bercy to have this agreement suspended, which is detrimental to many citizens. »

Still on the border, the issue of mobility is changing very slowly, like the A31 bis project…

“Let’s not forget that 4 and a half years ago, this file was buried. With all the elected representatives of Moselle-Nord, whatever their political label, we have found a way to resurrect it. Even better, we have managed to ensure that this A31 bis is included in the infrastructure orientation plan. »

A32, bypass west of Thionville or even a route using the wasteland of the Florange coking plant are under consideration. Which option do you favor?

“The one that can be done the fastest. I’m not a technician…”

How do you view the merger project between the Portes de France and Val de Fensch conurbations?

“I share this vision and this desire. It is an intelligent reflection, nourished for the good of the citizens. From my point of view, this merger meets the need to have a territory on this scale. »

What do you retain from the exercise of parliamentary power?

“This mandate has several dimensions: a deputy legislates, controls and informs. Over time, this control mission has become very important. A law is discussed, a law has a spirit. Our role is to verify, on the ground, that the application of the law is in accordance with the spirit of the legislator. It is a part of the function not very visible but which occupies me a lot. »

Didn’t this work behind the scenes contribute to the label of “shy” MP that you were given at the end of your first year at the Palais Bourbon?

“I am not of a shy nature. When I took over the presidency of the Foreign Affairs Committee, I had in front of me personalities like Marine Le Pen or Jean-Luc Mélenchon. It’s hard to be shy in these conditions… I’m also criticized for not being divisive enough. But in reality, I am someone who really listens and seeks to find solutions. I carry out a public action for the collective good, for the good of my territory. »

As elected by the presidential majority, a word on Emmanuel Macron’s desire “to annoy the unvaccinated to the end”?

« (to smile) He spoke cash. I think we need to have a president who talks cash. And let’s not forget the context: this sentence, he pronounced it in the face of caregivers exhausted by the crisis. Today, we have 90% of the vaccinated population who made the effort. And there remains a minority that does not want to subscribe to living together. This intervention is therefore a form of electroshock. »

Some also believe that it is the kickoff of his candidacy for his re-election. About yourself, do you intend to run for a second term?

“One case after another. First, there will be the presidential elections. Now, I’m not hiding it: the desire is there. At least to the extent that I could still shake things up. I remain focused on the end of this mandate. »


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