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The G7, made up of the United States, Japan, Canada, England, France, Italy, Germany, will meet this week urgently to analyze the situation of the arrival of the Taliban to the government of Afghanistan. They will analyze the causes and consequences of the disaster, but too late.

The leaders of these economic superpowers fell asleep in the face of the advance of a deeply ideological army of 74,000. Only when they saw the airport Acceptance, the presidential palace taken over by the Taliban and the president Ashraf Ghana Ahmadzai seeking political asylum, they realized that the plan had not worked and had fallen into overconfidence.

Text: Carlos Herrero, Founder and CEO of Extrategia, Comunicación y Medios

The Overconfidence it is a very present aspect in western leaders. Above all, it implies a lack of appreciation of reality and the factors that accelerate or stop it.

To overconfidence, a leader cannot respond with distrust but with prudence, which Thomas Aquinas correctly defined as the rudder that brings a ship to safety in the midst of storms.

The western democracies spend too much time in meetings post mortem, instead of meetings to program the health of countries and world geopolitics. Crises appear at a conjunctural moment and are colored by something unforeseen and unplanned. But it is difficult to understand that the intelligence systems of the countries that are part of this G7 did not foresee the advance of the Taliban or the advance of COVID 19.

We have more infotechnology and biotechnology than ever, more artificial intelligence than ever, more robotics and big data than ever, and yet the western world is overtaken in weeks by a small army or an alleged oversight of a Wuhan laboratory.

The sad memory of September 11, 2011 It showed us the vulnerability of the political and economic heart of the world’s number 1 country: the United States. Breaking the security of the Pentagon or the Twin Towers meant breaking the security of the Western world. Many Americans and migrants fell and died there, but in each one of them the trust and security of each one of us died in part.

All of these countries are at the top of the economy and the quality of life in every way. They are successful countries in their economic and public policies. They are confused like everyone but they are able to mend the way with democratic procedures and valuable institutions. So why do they lose battles that seemed perfectly controllable.

We must not fall into simplistic analyzes, but perhaps the critical and prudent spirit of great characters such as Adenauer, Churchill, De Gasperi, Shuman, De Gaulle, which formed modern Europe, is becoming more than ever necessary in a 21st century too preoccupied with trivial issues.

We continue with countries overwhelmed by violence, poverty, dictatorships, oppression. Just look at Venezuela, a Cuba, North Korea, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Haiti and now Afghanistan. The deterioration of democracy in countries like Turkey, Egypt or Hungary cannot go unnoticed.

When the Europe From the Iron Curtain under the military oppression of the former Soviet Union, many countries preferred to look the other way and forget the solidarity that should inspire any democratic government. Some politicians came to appreciate what they were told on trips organized by the nomenclature to these countries.

But in the current circumstances, strengthened by the infotechnology Because of artificial intelligence, it is impossible to turn a deaf ear to the reality that surrounds us. Crises can ensue, it is obvious, but not in such an apparently naive way as we observe at the moment.

Something is happening in the world that the great countries of the world and the great leaders cannot see or do not want to observe. The world is today interconnected in such a way that what happens in Acceptance It affects North Carolina, Madrid or Beijing.

Tony Blair, Former British Prime Minister today called attention to the need to address the Islamic offensive that is destabilizing many countries and demanded the United States and the Britain to work together with its allies in preventing this new wave. The G7 leaders should be very clear about where to set the coordinates.

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