Thierry Pfohl, media chef from Vienne, is dead

He was a local figure in Poitou cuisine! Thierry Pfohl, the former chef of the Table du golf in St Cyr, in Vienne, is dead. He had been director of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine gastronomy campus from 2018 to quite recently, but in the department, he was also known for his culinary columns since 2010 in the local press and on France Bleu Poitou where he not only shared his recipes and cooking tips but also participated in the show “les fêlés du Poitou”. Host Antoine Plouzennec recalls that he was part of the “very first cracked show”.

“He came without knowing what he was getting into and he came back”

The show started in 2019 requires a lot of humor and second degree. And “there was no lack”. He was THE good student in the group. “Since he hated losing and sulked when he lost”, says Antoine Plouzennec with a sad smile, “he spent his time digging up ephemeris.” This Friday a tribute will be paid to him on the antenna of France Bleu Poitou in the cooking show “Côté saveurs” hosted by Aurélie Garcia.

Tribute from the rectorate also

Bénédicte Robert, rector of the Poitiers academy in a press release explains that she learned with emotion of the disappearance of Thierry Pfohl, “cooking teacher at Kyoto high school where he had just taken up his post after three years spent at the rectorate as operational director of the campus of trades and qualifications Culinary production Terre-mer gastronomie Nouvelle-Aquitaine “.

The rector expresses all her support to his family, his loved ones and to those who have had the opportunity to work with him.

A medico-psychological unit is made available to students and the entire educational community of Kyoto high school for as long as necessary.

A multi-cap chef

Originally from the Rhône-Alpes region, Thierry Pfohl began his career as chef de partie at the Tour Rose, from 1988 to 1990 in Lyon. Before joining Paul Bocuse in Collonges au Mont d’Or for a year. Companion of duty for eight years, he then joined the Maison de la formation de Poitiers as a cooking and pastry teacher from 1996 to 2002. In 2008, he became chef of the Table du golf du haut-poitou, a recognized table of Saint-Cyr, between Poitiers and Châtellerault, which he left in 2013. In 2014, he joined the national education system as a culinary production teacher at the hotel school of the Château des Coudraies in Etiolles before becoming operational director of the Terre mer gastronomy campus de Nouvelle-Aquitaine in 2018. Since the start of the September school year, he has been a teacher at the Lycée Kyoto in Poitiers. At the same time and since 2010, he has hosted columns written for the New Republic and radio for France Bleu Poitou.

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