Home Sport Thiago Silva;s sister-in-law attacked as she accompanied the son of the player

Thiago Silva;s sister-in-law attacked as she accompanied the son of the player

Football: The sister-in-law attacked by Thiago Silva – Alfonso Jimenez / REX / Shutterstock / SIPA

She accompanied the son of the PSG captain to a youth football tournament. On Saturday night in Creteil, the sister-in-law of Thiago Silva was attacked when entering the vehicle.
tells the story Parisian, Two men on a motorbike without license plates, one of which swings a semi-automatic weapon towards the woman, who then gives her golden Gucci watch.

The motorcycle duo runs away. It still has not been found, says the daily.

During the game between PSG and Nantes in December, the Brazilian’s home country was plummeted to around one million euros for damage estimated at the time. Especially jewelry, including a luxury watch, is estimated at 600,000 euros alone.


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