They threaten the youtuber who said that the new PS5 model is worse

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Stealthily, a new model of PlayStation 5 arrived in Japan, Australia and some regions of the United States a couple of weeks ago. Thus, the youtuber Austin Evans managed to acquire said reissue of the console to dismantle it and, after doing a series of tests, he assured that heats up more than the original 2020 model. Of course, these controversial statements were not to the liking of a section of the community.

In his video, Austin Evans said that the new model has a much smaller heat sink, which could lead to more heating of the console. In the context of the controversy, the portal Digital Foundry performed another test that returned results that contradicted the content creator’s claims.

Unsurprisingly, PlayStation fans once again visited the Austin Evans video and bombarded it with criticism and hate messages. However, the situation quickly got out of control when some users issued threats and even leaked personal data of the youtuber.

Austin Evans took to his YouTube account and uploaded a video exposing the toxicity of the community. There, he mentioned that he is not bothered by criticism and that he respects other people’s opinions, but stressed that the negative reactions were out of proportion.

Despite being harassed, Austin Evans defends his position

The content creator, who currently exceeds 5 million subscribers on YouTube, did not bend his arm and defended his position.

“With the thermal images I was able to take, plus the fact that I opened up the PS5 and saw Sony significantly reduce the size of the heatsink, I determined that it is a downgrade compared to the first model,” explained the content creator.

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“The PS5 just has a smaller heat sink. There is less aluminum, there is less copper, there is less material, there is 300 grams less. The laws of physics simply dictate that there is less material and less surface area to remove heat from the chip, ”Austin Evans reiterated.

Likewise, the controversial youtuber said that users constantly send him the video of Digital Foundry as a way to discredit him, but he stated that he agrees 100% with what is said there.

“All I said is that based on my testing it seems to get hotter, which would logically make sense with a smaller heatsink. And therefore, you might have some problems in the future. If it’s in a really thermally restricted environment, it’s on a TV stand or something like that, your PS5 may get hotter and may have less longevity. But that’s all I said, “said the youtuber.

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But tell us, what do you think of the community reaction? Let us read you in the comments.

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