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They shield payroll credits – El Financiero

by drbyos

The Finance Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, led by the PAN Patricia terraces, approved the initiative that will establish the collection of payroll credits under the figure of delegated collection.

With 18 votes in favor, four against and one abstention, the minutes sent by the Senate for the reform and new provisions of the General Law of Titles and Credit Operations (LGTOC) came out.

Now this financial product, which has been offered in Mexico for more than 20 years and did not have a regulation as such, can only be exercised by credit institutions subject to regulation and supervision.

This will have the immediate effect of greater financial inclusion and access to credit, but there will also be better mechanisms to try to eradicate the abuses that have occurred.

Especially in recent years, by unsupervised credit givers. The initiative also gives legal certainty to the relationship between finance companies and workers and social security institutions.

Legislation that has been viewed favorably by the entire sector, call it Sofomes, Afores and other financial and banking intermediaries, and which will now be voted on by the plenary session of the deputies.

And here comes the black boy in the rice: it turns out that the coordinator of Morena in San Lázaro, Ignacio Mier, began to put buts to this law that benefits both institutions and users.

This character, who by the way defended his partner Saul Huerta, who faces a process of lawlessness after being accused of sexual abuse of a minor, began to “grind” his peers on the bench.

Even the president himself Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to those who have said that with this law reform workers would be affected by raising rates to more than 50%.

Nothing could be further from reality, since the Moreno deputy should be informed that, among the new provisions to the LGTOC, is to regulate rates at less than 30%.

It will not be easy for the deputy, because not in vain the President himself, the Legal Department of Julio Scherer, the Ministry of Finance of Arturo Herrera, and the Legislative Power promoted this initiative.

CARSO IS IN the eye of the hurricane after the tragedy of Line 12 of the Metro. It was the group of Carlos Slim the one that built the section that expired and caused the death of, until yesterday, 24 people. The authorities will have to go deep to establish responsibilities in the face of what is already beginning to be seen as serious omissions and negligence. For example, why was the designer’s original project ignored? Jose Maria RiobóoWho had prospected for a concrete structure that was ultimately made of steel to save money? Mario Delgado It was the finance secretary who made bad accounts and Swecomex is the Carso subsidiary specializing in that lighter and cheaper material. Who authorized the change of material? The other: why wasn’t maintenance given to that section that was severely affected after the September 2017 earthquake? In the first case, that of the material, it is the responsibility of the government of Marcelo Ebrard. And the maintenance, of the governments of Miguel Mancera and of Claudia Sheinbaum.

THE SCT RECEIVED offers for the first elevated viaduct that will connect to the new Felipe Ángeles airport. There were 17 consortiums that already submitted bids. The lowest was that of Constructora de Proyectos Viales de México for 372.7 million pesos and the highest of Constructora and Impulsora Cóndor with 656.7 million. In the middle of VISE’s Santiago Villanueva for 502 million, Prodemex of Antonio Boullosa with 428.8 million, Gami of Manuel Muñozcano with 415.9 million, ICA that directs Guadalupe Phillips with 413.4 million, Cocomex of Andres Alvarez with 421.6 million, HYCSA of Alejandro Calzada with 406.6 million and Omega of Jorge Melgarejo with 450.2 million, among others more.

THE FIRST COURT of the District in Civil Matters of Monterrey, published the sentence declaring Grupo Senda and its companies in bankruptcy, ratifying the precautionary measures that had been issued from the beginning. The main passenger transport operator in the north of the country, which presides over Jaime Rodriguez, has held talks with its bank creditors, who have been open to a feasible negotiation for the parties. The judge Maria del Carmen Leticia Hernandez requested the appointment of the conciliator, who will receive a battery of advanced agreements to reach an agreement with Banorte de Carlos Hank González, BBVA of Eduardo Osuna, Santander from Hector Grisi, Monex de Hector Lagos, States of Julio Villarreal, Bancomext de Juan Pablo de Botton, Bancrea de Ernesto Lopez Clariond and Export Development Canada. Senda’s liabilities are around three billion pesos. The company has continued to operate normally throughout this time. The restructuring in the financial part is carried out by ADS-Moelis who captained Isauro Alfaro, Ricardo Davila Y Pedro Scherer and legally the office of Jaime Guerra.

BY THE WAY the Federal Institute of Commercial Bankruptcy Specialists, which directs Edgar bonilla, has just appointed Interjet visitor Enrique Estrella Menendez. This lawyer also keeps the file of the limited-purpose financial company Siempre Growing, of Luis Gerardo Martinez. He was trustee of the bankruptcy of El Asturiano, the textile group of Manuel, Fernando, Eduardo Y Antonio del Valle. Also, conciliator of the restructuring of Iusacell of Carlos Peralta, from Oceanography of Amado Yáñez and from Isolux who spearheaded Luis Delso, among other companies. Quite a specialist.

GROUP EXTENDED STAYS, from Roberto Tame, is another that has already started the hard route of financial restructuring and could also fall into commercial bankruptcy. The hotel chain owns some 13 properties in Tijuana, Otay, Mexicali, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Saltillo, Monterrey, Coatzacoalcos, Ciudad del Carmen, Mérida, Cancún, Querétaro and Celaya. In 2017 he received a guaranteed loan from Scotiabank, which he presides over Adrian Otero, for $ 30.7 million to build nine hotels. A year earlier, the Northgate Capital fund, which runs Guillermo Carmona, with an injection of 530 million pesos.

FIBER EDUCA FINISHES to report its quarterly financial statements. The first specialized real estate trust in the education sector, which runs Raul Martinez, announced that rental income totaled 753.1 million pesos. We are talking about a growth of 3.29% between January and March against the same period of 2020. Net operating income was above 661.5 million pesos, which is equivalent to an increase of 2.52%. The working capital increased 2.73% to reach 675.2 million pesos. The Technical Committee decreed a cash distribution of 683 million 678 thousand pesos.

TODAY THERE WILL BE PLENARY at the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), which is acting as president Adolfo Cuevas. The issue to be discussed is whether it is given to Disney, which presides Bob Chapek, or another extension to continue exploring the sale of FoxSports, or if one of the two offers that the regulator already has on the table is taken. A third way, although it seems frankly remote, is to terminate the process and put the assets in a liquidation trust. This Friday the umpteenth deadline given by the IFT to the entertainment conglomerate expires.


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