They reveal the burofax that Messi sent to FC Barcelona for his frustrated exit in 2020, Liga España | Spanish League

Lionel Messi cried profusely the day his departure from FC Barcelona was announced, a team to which he belonged for 21 years, the only one he had defended up to that moment. But it is worth remembering that a year before he was the one who wanted to leave and the club of his loves prevented it.

That memory appealed to the newspaper Mundo Deportivo, which has exclusively revealed the famous burofax that the Argentine sent to the club on August 24, 2020 at the offices of Josep Maria Bartomeu, then president of the institution.

The former captain of the Catalan club appealed to clause 3.1, by which he could go free, without alleging just cause, at the end of the 2019-20 season, provided that he communicated it to the club before June 10, 2020. The player argued that , due to the pandemic, the season ended later and he could leave without problem.

“I understand that the time frame of the right of unilateral termination without alleging cause that regulates the aforementioned clause must be interpreted in accordance with the exceptional circumstances in which the season has developed,” explained 10 in that document.

“Due to this exception, the 2019-2020 competition season ended yesterday (the burofax was sent on August 24), without prejudice to the fact that for” Barça “this end would take place on August 15” after the elimination of the Champions League against Bayern Munich, in the famous 8-1.

The much criticized Bartomeu alleged, with his legal team, that the stipulated date was not met and practically forced Messi to stay one more year, for the same automatic renewal that included the player’s juicy contract, which, as revealed at the time the newspaper El Mundo, reached the amazing figure of 555 million euros for four seasons … another legacy of Bartomeu.

So he stayed a year and was excited about retirement in the only club he had ever known, but a year later that same pandemic condemned him to leave, in the midst of an acute economic crisis for FC Barcelona. Now he wears the number 30 of Paris Saint-Germain and the end was the same: when he wanted to go, he could not, and then he left without wanting to.



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