“They know where the missing F-35 is.” But it’s yellow on the video of the accident

The hunting accident F-35B of the Royal Navy, precipitated in the Mediterranean after taking off from the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, continues to shake the British defense. According to the media, which carry the words of the National Security Advisor Sir Stephen Lovegrove, the plane would finally be located later days of intense research. “Experts know where the plane is“Her Majesty’s official said, but it has not been made clear where the exact spot is where the research has focused. As reported by Nova Agency, aerospace analyst Howard Wheeldon reported that the military would not activate the tracking system for fear that the signal would be picked up by other forces.

For London it is essential to close this as soon as possible accident which involved the F-35. An episode that represents a not negligible blemish in the British air-naval force. There are several points that worry the United Kingdom’s defense. First of all, the accident, in addition to being a considerable financial loss (the vehicle is worth about 100 million pounds), implies the momentary loss of a plane on which the Royal Navy has staked a lot. It is therefore in the first instance a loss of a vehicle that is strategically fundamental.

Added to this is the embarrassment of how the accident happened. The F-35 in fact appears to have crashed due to a rain cover not removed from the fuselage – a cover also of little value among other things – and which would have been sucked into the engine thus preventing it from gaining power. An unfortunate fact, which, according to some observers, also demonstrated the carelessness with which the take-off from the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier took place, the pride of the British Navy.

As if that were not enough, in these hours the video is causing a sensation, circulated by the Twitter account of an analyst, which portrays the moments of the fall of the F-35. The movie – lasting 16 seconds – shows that the plane crashed without even taking off, falling once it finished its run on the flight deck and with the pilot managing to eject himself before the plane fell into the water. The video seems to be produced by a smartphone which in turn frames an internal monitor where the images of the aircraft carrier’s security cameras scroll. A fact that for the British Defense is not just a violation of the security rules of the Queen Elizabeth and of the entire Royal Navy, but also a sensational hole in the security bubble that had been built around the accident site to prevent other countries from approaching and scanning the seabed.

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